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August 04, 2016

DIY Snack Station: Thrift Store Style!

As a frequent thrifter, I’m aware of certain things that are CONSTANTLY donated- like clear glass flower vases, picture frames, coffee mugs, and baskets. Another thing I’ve run across again and again? Outdated wooden coaster sets just like this one I spotted at my local Goodwill


I can remember seeing these in most homes during the 1980s- dark wood and cork coaster sets that looked like little furniture. This one in particular was in fantastic shape- as if it had sat untouched for 35 years. And on the same shelf, I spotted a wooden napkin holder…and that’s when I decided to mate them together into a single piece!


With a few weeks of summer left, I decided to fuse them together and give them a splashy new appearance…turning them into a Snack Station for our porch. First, I sanded down the top of the coaster set to give it a rough surface for wood glue on the bottom of the napkin holder to penetrate.


While the glue dried, I got the coaster trays ready for spray painting. I wanted to leave the cork unpainted, so I used painters tape and a utility knife to carefully block off the cork circles.

4_DIY_Patio_Snack_station_with_outdated_coaster_set_and_napkin_holder_from_Goodwill_by_Sadie_SeasongoodsAfter a thorough paint job in summer-y turquoise (and then clear coat to protect it), everything looked brand new!


Thankfully, all of the coaster hardware (decorative brass tacks on top of the case, and coaster tray knobs) were easy to remove before and replace after everything was painted. 


And with some equally colorful napkins, I had a snack station set that just screamed summer.


Perfect for a back patio, porch, or deck all summer long.

Time to rethink those stuffy coaster sets, eh?


Craft on!