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February 13, 2012

DIY: Repurposing Art

Last week, I saw where Karah painted amazing puppy portraits using canvases from Goodwill. It got me to thinking…repurposing art from Goodwill? Yes, please!

I found this canvas at Goodwill for 8 dollars and change, but it was half off. Total score.

But, it looks a little Frasier/90’s to me, so I printed a chevron template online (just googled “chevron template”).

I cute out a few strips, but only ended up using one. Then, I held it up to the art and traced it with a pencil, continuing down the print.

Sophie helped. : )

I painted two strips at a time, because I wanted my chevron to be wider. I started with black.

Then, I added in a pale aqua.

I can see this piece in a collage with other art and photos. Whether you find a few pieces of art at Goodwill, or you have some at home that you are tired of, I think repurposing art is a wonderful idea! Have you tried anything like this?

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