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September 22, 2015

DIY Photo Light Box

I was in need of a photo light box.

Getting the white boards would be easy (and inexpensive) but finding the right lamp would be the issue. Since I wanted to keep this project cost-friendly, I headed to Goodwill. With this trip I decided to head to my favorite Goodwill Store. It had been a while since I visited that location and as I walked towards the electronics aisle the light shined down on me (ha!).



There were several lamp options but I got the exact one I wanted. All the tutorials I’ve read suggested to use a lamp that can be clipped anywhere for more versatility. Needless to say, it quickly went into the cart.



I made my photo box collapsible because I don’t need a big box taking up space in my home (eyesore!).

Items Used to Make the Box:

3 White boards

1 poster board


Tracing paper

Glue Gun

Step 1:

Take one poster board and cut it in half. Then cut a square/rectangle in each half. This is where you will place the tracing paper. My tracing paper size was 9”x12” so I cut rectangle smaller by 1.5” on each side.


Step 2:

Cut six pieces of Velcro (the sticky side) and evenly place it on opposite sides of the uncut poster board.


Step 3:

Add the other piece of Velcro (the softer piece) on the smaller poster boards. I lined them up with the larger one to determine placement.

Step 4:

Take the other poster board and cut an open space in that one as well. At first I had placed tracing paper on it but quickly removed it when trying to take the photos.

Step 5:

Place the large poster board on top. Add more Velcro for security (optional).


Final results:


So, how does it work? I took photos of the other items I got from my Goodwill trip that day.







PATTERNS! Lots and lots of glorious patterns! They were spread out between several shelves, so I had to walk around several times. I may or may not have also let out some audible gasps. Sorry to the other shoppers.

I also picked up a bag mixed with yarns and embroidery thread.



The photos still needed some touching up but it was much easier to enhance them compared to when I use natural light (which can be unpredictable). Other factors include the type of light use, camera, position, etc.

Tell me. What are some things you have used from Goodwill to help with your DIY projects?