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October 31, 2012

DIY Outdoor Pillow (from a Tablecloth!)

I saw this outdoor tablecloth awhile ago and bought it, not because I needed a tablecloth, but because I am such a sucker for the print. It’s fun and a little nautical, right?

Finally, after hoarding it forever, I decided to make some outdoor pillows for my bare little porch.

My pillow forms are 18″x 18″, so I cut the fabric squares a 1/2″ bigger on all sides–19″x 19″.

And, since this was a long, rectangular tablecloth, I cut the squares off of one side, lengthwise, so I could still have enough fabric to make a table runner. Isn’t that smart? It was my mom’s idea.

I sewed the squares together on 3 sides (right sides together), flipped it back out, and stuffed my pillow inside. Then, I pinned the 4th side and attempted to stitch along the edge. This was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. I would suggest hand-stitching it closed.

I really like it! I think it’s so perfect for my porch. That little bench belongs to my husband (from his childhood) and I wasn’t sure what colors to pair with it. I’m glad I went with another primary color. I plan on making a second one, as well. Twice as nice.

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