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April 30, 2015

DIY Mother’s Day Vase

Welcome to my newest installment of the Good Life video series! Mother’s Day is in a few days and you better think about your mama! Flowers are a traditional gift, and for a good reason–they are beautiful and fresh! But, I think a creative DIY vase can be personal and take it up a notch.


I saw a girl with the word “loved” tattooed on her foot and it made me think about how I love that word. Also, I’ve wanted to use the spray paint color “watermelon” for quite a while. Win/win. We have a colorful, meaningful vase.

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One Comment

  1. Adorable! And you wouldn’t guess it was a glass vase by looking at the finished product. The spray paint covers it very well.
    I heard a funny tattoo story the other day. Apparently they are messing up some of the functions on the new Apple watch. It can’t take readings for some of the health apps or something. First world problems, am I right?
    But I have always liked wrist and foot tattoos.