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May 14, 2012

DIY: Floral Letter

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing and filled with crafting and chocolate (Or the combination of the two? Even better.).

I like the look of decorative letters. I already have one…or three. Recently, my sister made one with paper rosettes on it. And, it was the bomb (Can I still use that term?). It made me start thinking about making a similar one with fabric rosettes.

Ready? Let’s go…

I googled “K template” and printed and cut out the largest one I saw.

Then, I traced it onto a piece of foam board (that I picked up for .99) and cut it out using a craft knife.

I bought this long sleeve knit shirt at Goodwill on my latest trip. It’s super soft and a medium weight.

I cut strips from the length of the sleeves. I think I used about a sleeve and a half. Hilarious measurement.

I twisted the strips into rosettes and, let me tell you–I am pretty sure that jersey makes the best rosettes! I definitely foresee using it again.

I used hot glue to tack it to my foam letter. And, keep on rolling rosettes and gluing them down! And, yes, the K is on a cutting board. It’s pretty much the perfect thing to hot glue on. After all, I already ruined the top of my kitchen table. : )

What do you think?

I think it’s adorable. Aqua, girly…a great accessory for a bookshelf or even a windowsill.

Enjoying the Good Life,