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May 21, 2012

DIY: Fabric Spring Wreath

I had my first experience dying whites pink in the washing machine. Let’s just say, I threw my Goodwill clothes in the wash together and one of them was a deep pink. So…yes, this skirt used to have a white background. I bought it because I liked the vintage-feel of the fabric. And, you know what? I actually like it better with a pink background. So–crisis averted. Total score.

First, I cut a million circles. Ok, only about 50. But, I think I needed twice as many so I could fill in the sides. Live and learn.

I hot glued them to the wreath in the same way that I attached the coffee filters to my coffee filter wreath. Thank you, Sharpie, for saving my fingers.

I love how ruffled it looks. Perfect for Spring!

Do you want to watch me demonstrate a tutorial for this wreath? This is what I plan on sharing at Goodwill, today. Watch a little, shop a little (or a lot!)…

Enjoying the Good Life,