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January 20, 2014

DIY// Etching Glass

My sister and a friend made beautiful pieces of etched glass for Christmas gifts and when she taught me how, I was seriously surprised at how easy it is. Guys, this is totally a go-to for gift making!

To start, you’ll need a piece of glass (a pitcher, a drinking glass, etc.), a paint brush, scrapbooking stickers, and etching cream (you can grab this at a craft store). I picked up these glass votives at Goodwill.


Place your sticker on the glass. You want to make sure it’s a scrapbook sticker, because regular stickers won’t stick as well. You can also use painter’s tape to make patterns/stripes/etc.

3etchPaint on a thick layer of the etching cream, wait 5 minutes, and paint on a second layer.

2etchWhen it dries (just a few minutes), remove the sticker and rinse the etching cream off, using the brush to make sure it’s off well. And, that’s all!


4etchEnjoying the Good Life,


One Comment

  1. SO simple and really makes a great gift.