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August 02, 2016

DIY Embroidered Tea Towels: A Family Heirloom in the Making

Some of the greatest things you can find while thrifting are items that could tell a story: old books with personal letters written in them, handmade blankets and clothing or a family heirloom.

I remember while at the house of another Goodwill Blogger, I noticed some gorgeous tea towels. One of them was embroidered with the initial of her last name (P, just like mine!). I can’t remember if they were a family heirloom or a lucky find, but from that time I knew I wanted some of my own. Well, why not make them?

This past weekend I was going through my fabric deciding which remnants I would purge and donate to Goodwill (in hopes another fabric-obsessed person will be inspired to make something amazing) and which ones I would keep.

I had a few pieces that weren’t large enough for a garment, but still a decent size to make something. Tea towels were the first thing that came to mind. Once they were made, I decided to personalize two of them.

With the help of Goodwill, I was able to create a family heirloom.

On two separate trips, I had acquired a container filled with embroidery thread and a book of needlecrafts.




This book is the best $2 I’ve ever spent. I’ve used it for several projects, such as this one!

After referencing the Embroidery section of the book I had my stitch of choice and was ready to start!









Now I want to embroider more!

Hopefully, my sons (More like my sons’ wives. They are sweet boys who appreciate the sentiment of things but something tells me they won’t be fighting over who gets Mom’s tea towels) will want to take one of each to keep and continue to pass them down. If not, I hope they will find a home with another family in hopes new memories will be created.

Have you ever found anything at Goodwill you feel may have once held a sentimental value for someone? What was it?


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