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December 01, 2015

DIY Christmas Gift Décor

Once December rolls around, it’s all about Christmas in our house- baking, making, gift buying, and decorating! And December can be a very expensive month…which means I need to decorate on a budget. So, a trip to Goodwill was definitely in order!

I decided I wanted to fill my mantel with gorgeous wrapped “gifts”…that weren’t gifts at all! To create these fun DIY presents, I went to Goodwill’s linens section first and made a beeline for the napkins, placemats, and hand towels. 


Just as I had hoped, LOTS of Christmas options in reds, greens, and prints. Next, I went to the picture frame section…usually, I can find a handful of frames that are just the wood frame, which is all I needed!


If you can’t find empty frames, have no worries- you can certainly buy full frames and either save the glass and cardboard for another project, or put them in your recycling bins!

After washing and ironing my linens, I got to work- first, I opened up a napkin and laid the frame on top of it.


With my staple gun, I carefully (and safely!) stapled the napkin to the back of the frame along two sides, pulling them tight as I went along.


I did the same thing along the other two sides, carefully folding in the corners so that the fabric didn’t bunch up.


After I was done stapling my fabric, I trimmed off the excess with scissors and flipped it over- nice and smooth, just like a well-wrapped gift!


To finish off my “gift décor”, I grabbed some wired-ribbon from my gift wrap supplies. I carefully crossed my wrapped frame with two strips of ribbon, securing them on the back with my staple gun.


And the finishing touch- a big pom pom bow, which I hot-glued to the center of my “gift”.


How fun is that?? I made a few more, and I can use them year after year, if I want. Super simple, super inexpensive, and definitely festive!


Merry Christmas and Craft on!


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