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June 25, 2019

Dining Room Table Makeover

When we bought our old house and began remodeling, I was browsing thrift stores for light fixtures, I accidentally spotted a table I loved at Goodwill! And the best part? Only 99 bucks.

Done, right?

Nope, I snapped a picture and went about my way with a $6.99 brass lantern.

I called my mom after my “quick” trip all over town to find cheap lights (I know . . . more trouble than it’s worth) and sent her a picture of the table. She said, “Did you get it?” “No,” I said slowly.  “It was $99.” She stopped. “Amber! The chairs are worth that!”

I went home and showed my husband the picture. He said, “Did you get it?”  “No,” I said slowly. “It was $99.” And deja vu. Same answer from him.

So, I did what any normal person would do and called Goodwill. The nice lady said the table had been there for a couple of days so I should be fine. She said they couldn’t hold it unless I paid for it and the next day (Tuesday) was senior day so I’d better get there early.

Wait. Hold the phone. “Senior day?”

“Yes,” she said nicely. “Seniors get 25% off on Tuesdays.”

I hung up politely and called my sweet and wonderful mother because I knew exactly what to do. The plan was perfect, so I proceeded to ask her to take Mama (my 89-year-old grandmother) to Goodwill so she could buy it the next day and, of course, I’d pay her back!

I was going to get the table and eight cane back chairs for $75! Did I mention they were cane back chairs?!

When I called Mama to inform her of this plan, she just laughed and said okay. She knew the cane back chairs were worth it!

Now, a couple of years and several coats of paint later, I’ve switched out those cane back chairs (gave them to my best friend) and we still love the table just as much.

Plus, it has a story. And that makes it all worth it.

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