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August 27, 2015

Desperately Seeking Ladybird

I have made a terrible mistake, friends.

Let me start from the beginning.

Two years ago, I took a trip to Austin Texas with my good friend Dan.

Yes. I pack differently than you.

Yes. I pack differently than you.

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is check out all the different thrift stores. Each city has its own unique style of secondhand finds. Dying for a great floral print dress? Check out the Goodwill in Honolulu! Seeking out some funky hipster threads? Portland is for you.

While we were perusing the racks, Dan found this.

It's a Purseranian (a fine and noble breed)

It’s a Purseranian (a fine and noble breed).

He couldn’t stop laughing at this strange little dog purse.  “It’s $3!  You should have it!”, he exclaimed – putting this handbag that was more fuzzy than it was functional in my cart.

“No Dan.  I’m not carrying a dog purse. Put it back.”

But he was insistent.  We decided to make a friendly wager.  If the above picture could get 10 likes on Facebook while we were still in the store, I had to buy it.

It got 30.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.10.37 AM

We ended up settling on ‘Ladybird’ as an appropriate Texan name for the pup.  And we had a great time with her.

Look! I made a matching refashion just for her!

Look! I made a matching refashion just for her!


Wait...this restaurant allows dogs?!?!

Wait…this restaurant allows dogs?!?!


Ladybird makes friends wherever she goes!

Ladybird makes friends wherever she goes!


I even created a Facebook Fan Page for her!

But as the months passed, Ladybird appearances became less and less frequent. The floor of my coat closet became her new home.

Recently, I downsized from a 3 bed/2.5 bath house to a much tinier 2 bed/1 bath apartment.  This meant a ruthless paring down of my possessions.  Furniture, dishes, and clothes were donated to Goodwill by the truckload.  I remember the moment, when I was cleaning out my coat closet and found Ladybird…right where I left her.  I felt a wistful twinge of nostaligia, took a deep breath, and put her in the donation box.

But then I saw this the other day:


I’ve been filled with regret ever since.  Why did I give up Ladybird without a note…without anything to tell her new owners of the adventures she’s experienced?

I need your help.  Help me find Ladybird! I promise I won’t try to take her away from her new home…I just want to make sure her new owner knows just how awesome the new addition to their wardrobe/family is and pass off her fan page to them (as long as they’re an adult…safety first!).

Can you help?  🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.27.01 AM

One Comment

  1. I’ll be looking for Ladybird here in Austin, just in case she gets lured back by the smell of brisket.
    And then you can come back to Austin!!!