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January 02, 2019

Declutter Your Mind, Space and Body

Ah, the year is coming to an end (good riddance, amirite?) and I’m sure you have seen more than enough memes about “New Year. New Me.” Or, all the improvements to ensure it is the best year ever !!! 2018 has been rough for me but it has made me stronger and for that I am proud. It left me feeling hazy and now I long for some decluttering to welcome 2019.

Declutter Your Mind
Stop Overthinking
I am the worse at this. I will overthink situations so badly it will start to affect other parts of my life. Mainly my health. I have stressed so much over something it has led to a lack of sleep which leads to not having a productive day (which causes more stress).

Write Things Down/Journal
If you have a thought, plan, or idea that is clouding your head, write it down. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, write it all down. Get it out of your head. Journaling can be very therapeutic. Some days I will write one or two sentences. Sometimes I write motivational quotes. It doesn’t have to be extensive.

Read Two-Three Pages A Day
This is a tip from a friend. I go through spurts where I will tear through books. This past year I didn’t read as much as I hoped. To ease back into it, I have committed to reading two or three pages every day, preferably in the morning. Granted, there are days when I will read more but this is a good way to jumpstart the habit.

Declutter Your Space
Clean out your closet. But take your time.
My method for decluttering isn’t the best: I take EVERYTHING out of my closet (creating a huge mess) and then create my “Yes, No, and Maybe” piles. At the start, I am excited and feel liberated. But pretty soon I am tired and annoyed. Instead of the “All of Nothing” method try taking it one day at a time. Be honest with yourself. You already know what pieces of clothing you are never going to wear again so every morning as you select your outfit, also choose one or two items for your Goodwill bag. Once it’s full, tie it up, drop it off, and never look back. You won’t miss it.

Open a Window
There are times when I can feel the stiff, thick air consuming my space. Opening a window and letting in the fresh air can be so cleansing and revitalizing.

Use What You Have
This should be obvious but we are a consumer driven society that likes to buy, buy, buy.

Towards the end of the year, my friend and I like to embrace a makeup challenge where we try to wear makeup every day. Yes, it sounds shallow but the goal is to use what we already have before we buy something new.  During this challenge, I tend to come across items that don’t work well for me or my color palette. Why do we hold on to these items? The results won’t change so throw them out.

Declutter Your Body
Want to increase your water intake? Don’t torture yourself by doing a gallon challenge (unless you already drink a gallon a day and if so, kudos to you!). Instead, set a goal to drink five to ten ounces more a day. When that goal is attainable, add five to ten more.

Cook for yourself. I would rather cook at home than go out for a meal. And when I do go out to eat, I find myself trying to mimic the recipe. Also, when I cook for myself, I am sure to pick the best ingredients because I care about what goes into my body. Need some ideas on what to cook? Head to your local Goodwill store to find a new cookbook. You may even find an appliance that will help further your skills in the kitchen.

So therapeutic. I had more joy making the pie than eating it.

Stretch it Out
Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to a workout routine and that’s ok. But I do suggest you stretch your body. Look at your cat and dog. What’s the first thing they do when they wake up? They stretch it out. Your body will thank you.

Here I am. Questioning my choice to work out so early on Thanksgiving Day.

What are some ways you plan to declutter in the new year?