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March 01, 2018

Curating my Barware Collection

I’ve never been one to think that things needed to be in certain containers to be right. I never really cared about the difference between a juice glass or a pint glass, nor between the subtle differences in the curvatures of a red and white wine glass that are supposed to do certain things to the wine as it was being imbibed. So you wouldn’t see a mess of single-purpose cups in my cabinets, save for my prized copper mugs for Moscow Mules.

But I’ve realized recently that sometimes half of the joy of the drink presentation is in the type of glassware people expect to receive their drink in. Is a margarita still as margarita-y if it isn’t in its signature rounded edge stemmed glass?

So with this in mind, I’ve identified a few types of glassware to keep an eye out for as I hit Goodwills across the Midlands, an easy task when I live and work on opposite sides of the city. My goal is to have two of each kind of glassware because I like to keep my life and social circles small. I currently need one margarita glass, two champagne flutes, to learn the difference between white and red wine glasses and to get the ones I don’t have, and two martini glasses. Ideally, I’ll find non-decorated ones, just nice plain clear glass ones, which I prefer from a photographing standpoint. #BloggerLife

In celebration of finding two really nice heavy bottomed highball glasses, which were also on my list, I made a few cocktails this weekend and wanted to share a recipe for one of them with everyone!

Cucumber Lemon Refresher


½ cup diced seeded cucumber

3/4 oz simple syrup

oz vodka

½ oz lemon juice

½ oz lime juice

sprigs of mint, save one for garnish


Soda water


Add all ingredients except one mint sprig and soda water to a shaker and shake several times until mixed.

Strain into a highball glass, add extra ice if desired, and top with soda water to taste.

Garnish with lemon slices, cucumber slices, and mint as preferred.


Enjoy, and if you don’t have the right glassware for your cocktail, there’s a sure chance that your nearby Goodwills will have a start on helping you grow your collection! I know I’m keeping my eye out for those martini glasses.