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March 26, 2015

Creating a Spring Wreath

Good morning! Welcome to my newest installment of the Good Life video series. The weather is finally warmer and I am more than happy to welcome the spring! And, what says “Welcome spring!” more than a cheerful wreath on your door?


My husband’s dad recently closed a farm and garden store and, as they were cleaning out, I spotted this large embroidery hoop. I have other plans for it, but I also really liked the idea of using it as a wreath base. As we’ve talked about before, faux flowers are one of those things you can find at Goodwill–in vases, on hats, etc. Next time you see them, grab some for a wreath!

This DIY project was simple and the results are just lovely.

Is your door ready for the spring?

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Enjoying the Good Life,





  1. Love this so much!

  2. How incredible cute is this beautiful spring wreath Kendra made?!? Thrifting and crafting are two of my favorite things! I adore things vintage and floral! I love how Kendra incorporated simple items to create this fun wreath! After a long winter we all need a bit of happiness!! This is perfect! Thank you so much for using your talents & creativity to inspire us Kendra! Love this!!

  3. So pretty! Spring’s my favorite season!

    • And I loved the video too!

  4. Oh my goodness! I’m so behind. First, because I didn’t know you had a video series now. I’m so excited to catch up on your blog and borrow your ideas. Second, because I still have a Valentine’s wreath on my door….off to Goodwill I go!

  5. OMGoodness! I was just talking to my sister about how we needed to prepare for Spring! Love this idea for 2 reasons…1) cheap 2) adorable. Thanks for all the great ideas, Kendra!!!

  6. Lovely wreath!

  7. This is so cute Kendra.. I had no idea you were still doing the Goodwill blog, I have to subscribe or something because I haven’t seen anything. I’m totally going to get my roommate to do this lol she’s the creative one : )

  8. I’ve been wanting an easter wreath! So cute

  9. goodwillsc

    Thank you, so much! I really love the way it turned out. You guys should try it!

  10. So lovely! I should make one of these for my mom.