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January 16, 2018

Creating a Space for Your Plant Friends

Remember when I last spoke about ​my love for plants and needing extra space? The collection has grown. Currently, I am propagating some cuttings and several avocado pits. It’s very easy to do. Eat an avocado, clean the pit, remove the skin, stick some toothpicks in the pit (or T-pins, like me), fill a jar with water and place the pit in the water bottom down (the larger, rounder part of the pit).

If you’re an avocado fanatic like myself, the pit collection can get high. Some I save to use to make dye (it makes a great pink dye) and the rest I propagate.

Any glass bottle that enters my home (jelly, sauce, etc.) always have a second (and third) use once empty of its contents.

But I was looking for a more uniformed way to display all of my plant babies. As I was doing my mid-week browsing in Goodwill, I came across a box of dark green mason jars. I thought of all of the ways I could use them and then I walked away…without picking them up. Wait, what? Yup, I walked away and continued around the store. Listen up readers, NEVER WALK AWAY! If anything, put the item in your cart and continue to walk around but never just leave it on the shelf because, “you snooze, you lose!” Fortunately, I was at the store during a time when I knew it wouldn’t be busy so I went back and placed the jars in my cart.

I placed the jars on my window sill but it was only a temporary fix because I was running out of space and the sill wasn’t wide enough to hold the jars safely (but that didn’t stop me). Another trip to Goodwill and I came upon, well, I am not exactly sure what this is…

But I knew it would make a great shelf to hold all my jars.

I didn’t like the color of the light wood so I applied a dark stain I had left over and bought some tool-hanging hooks to mount it to the wall.

Since the jars were resting on a slant I tied twine around the top of them and tied it to the shelf for reinforcement.

My kitchen table/plant storage. In this photo (not including the plants), everything has been thrifted, bought second hand, or given to me (including the table). The frame that I spray painted white (featuring original photos of my plants taken by me) and the heart-shaped wood board holding the mounted Staghorn Fern were all found at Goodwill. The terra cotta pots were picked up at a plant sale for 50 cents each, the planter holding my Christmas Cactus (which sadly, did not bloom in time) was acquired when my friend gave me her neglected bamboo (I won’t name names). And I won the beer growler (holding one of the sprouted avocado pits). I had given the beer to someone and told them I wanted the growler back.

Plants shown (L-R): Christmas Cactus, Oxalis Triangularis, Palm Plant, Fittonia, and Avocado Plant.


I wanted to give a quick breakdown just to show it does not cost much to pull a space together.