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December 31, 2015

Create Your Own Custom Pillows

Thrifting is probably one of the most amazing things to happen since the invention of the light bulb.

Well almost.

I’m serious though. What other place can you visit for unique pieces at amazing prices and then have money left over to transform it into something that is beautiful and one of a kind? Not many places I can tell you that.

This month, we are turning curtains, bags of fabric and even shirts into beautiful pillows.

First let’s take a look at look at a few options and then I will give you a quick tutorial.

As with any of my home decor projects, I always encourage you to either take a look at the style of your home, or flip through your favorite magazine or website and find inspiration. Once you have gotten a few ideas, it’s time to head to your local Goodwill and get creative!

The first place you should look is the soft textiles section of the thrift store. These curtains will often be the appropriate weight of fabric you will need to make a great pillow.


The one thing I love about curtains is that there are so many different patterns to choose from that aren’t even available in regular stores.



Look at these different curtains.

Although it is highly unlikely that two stores will have the same thing, what isn’t unlikely is the amount of pillows you can make from one curtain panel!

I prefer to give my pillows a solid colored back, that way I can have more of the pattern fabric to for more pillows.

If you can’t find what you are searching for in the home section, head to the women’s department. Some dresses have enough fabric to create a very unique pillow.  This option is also great because you can often look for style you would actually wear and bring that style directly into your home.


How about turning this vintage glittery sequin cocktail dress into a chic pillow?



Maybe you want something a bit more cozy?


How To Make a No-Sew Pillow

Honestly, pillows can be expensive. I once purchased custom pillows for $85 each! I wish I had  checked my local Goodwill before spending all of that money. Lol.

Alright. So now that you have your fabric, I am going to share my NO SEW PILLOW tutorial.

Here is what you will need.

1. Hemming tape
2. Measuring tape
3. Marker
4. Packing Paper
5. Pins
6. Iron
7. Scissors

  • Step 1: Lay fabric out on your desire surface for cutting. I suggest a floor or table.


  • Step 2: Measure out the exact size pillow you would like to make onto packing paper.


  • Step 3: Cut pillow pattern out (you can tape the ends so the pattern can hold up).


  • Step 3: Place cut pattern on top of fabric. *repeat this step for both sides of pillow.


  • Step 4: Take pillow piece number one and turn the side you WANT to see up.


  • Step 5: Place hemming tape along the edge on fabric number one.


  • Step 6: Place the other piece of fabric face down on top on the piece number one. The side of the fabric you don’t want to see should be down.


  • Step 7: Lightly iron the fabric so that it is bonded.


  • Step 8: Turn pillow inside out.


  • Step 9: Stuff Pillow.


  • Step 10: REPEAT for as many pillows as you would like to make!





  1. I hate to be a naysayer, but I have been making my own pillows for years and I don’t understand these directions at all. What is the hemming tape for? How can you make a pillow like these without sewing!

    • See below

    • I think she meant to say “fusible webbing tape used for iron-down cheater hems.”

  2. Good grief if only I could find those curtains in any Goodwill. Beautiful pillows.

  3. Hey Gail. You may not understand the directions because you have been “sewing pillows” for years. I dont sew, so I have to have a work around. Ive made TONS of pillows this way. Just reread the steps. Follow through and trust me, that pillow will be yours in NO TIME!

    Rashon Carraway
    “Mr. Goodwill Hunting”

    • I don’t understand making the pattern “the exact size” you want your pillow to be. Don’t you have to allow some space for the hemming tape? If you were using a pillow form…..if you were stuffing the pillow it wouldn’t matter.

  4. I am so in love with those glitter pillows. I sew and do design work and never in a million years thought of turning a sparkle dress into fabulous pillows!!! This may be one of the best repurposes ever. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Are you kidding me?you would take that lovely pink sequined dress and make a dumb pillow out of it?Not me there are a CUPLE things I would do w/ that dress, 1, I’d cut across the middle,run elastic around it and it would be a skirt,it doesn’t show how long it is but short or long Would work. Then I’d cut the remainder of the top up the middle to the neck the edges of the cut and hem the bottom To make it a short Balero. “jacket”.wear a satin spaghetti strap top under it for a 3pc outfit from one straight dress..I like To think out of the box,and make sewing as little as poss.since I do it by hand,no patience for machine.llok