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May 02, 2016

Crafting and Kismet – The Thrifty Way

This, my friends, is a tale of thrifting fate…the kind of story that could happen to any thrift shop-loving guy or gal!

So there I was, standing in line at my local Goodwill, with my mind on my treasures and my treasures on my mind. But while I waited, my eyes started to wander…an easy thing to do in a thrift store! And there it was, sitting next to me- an old brass-colored metal mesh box just begging for a makeover. 


Being the crazy blogger that I am, I snapped a couple of photos of it, snatched it off the shelf, and added it to my thrifty haul. And here’s what I ended up doing with it…

First, I cleaned it up and spray painted it white.


Then, I gathered some embroidery floss and tried my hand at a little needlework- and ended up creating a design that was a cross between a dandelion and a starburst!


I got lots of French knot practice in- it helped to watch a few YouTube tutorials on the process! And before I knew it, my first dandelion-starburst was finished.


I added a two more to finish the top and called it a day.


Once I was done giving it a makeover, I gave it a job- to hold and hide all the junk that resides in our living room! Remotes, lip balm, hair ties, random coasters…you get the idea. And now I can tuck them away for last minute guests and visitors.


This is truly a project borne from thrifting fate- you just never know what you’ll find…especially when you least expect it.


Craft on!