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December 27, 2018

Corduroy – Throwback to a Classic

The 70’s are always a popular period of inspiration for fashion designers, so comes as no surprise that one of the most popular and constant trends is a throwback to that era.

Corduroy is a material with iconic status, and we find it everywhere. If you’re not a fan of flares and flowers, this is the perfect way to give a nod to the bohemian era while keeping it relevant to your style. Since we are talking about a fabric, you can be as streamlined, modern or retro as you want and keep your style on point.

Here are a few ways to incorporate corduroy into any fall fashion style:

  1. No matter what style of dress you choose, the texture of corduroy instantly gives it a cool, relaxed vibe. It is a great way to walk the line between professional and casual because these options look just as good with boots as they do with sneakers.
  1. One of the most stereotypical items of the 70’s was a corduroy blazer, so why mess with a good thing? Since trends are never the same the second, or twenty-second, time around this year’s blazer has been updated. Boxy blazers of the past have been replaced with sleek, fitted ones that may look simple from a distance, but up close the details and craftsmanship are undeniable.
  1. Swapping out your go-to jeans for a 5-pocket pair of cords is as effortless a switch as you can make. Skinny, flare, straight or cropped, the familiar cuts feel like a second skin, but the array of colors and types of corduroy gives you endless options for shaking up even the most basic grey turtleneck.
  1. If you think corduroy was stuck in the past, try looking for pieces cut on the bias. The natural lines of cords are typically vertical, but that doesn’t have the to be case. Asymmetrical shapes are giving an added pop when corduroy is used diagonally.
  1. Denim jackets may be another retro staple having its moment, but think how unique your style will be if you opt for a denim inspired cord coat instead. These options come with all the trimmings, including shearling lining and grommet buttons.

Corduroy may not be the most fluid fabric, but what it lacks movement it more than makes up for in texture and style. If you are questioning how to work cords into your fall wardrobe, the easiest way is to use them the same way you would denim.


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