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October 04, 2018

Combine Summer and Autumn Flavors: Shake Up a Peach Moscow Mule

Summer is officially on its way out, slipping away slowly as the sun dips into the sky earlier and the temperatures — well, they aren’t near three digits anymore at least! But the flavors and temperatures of summer and fall foods mingle together so well. A corn chowder lends its summery taste to a warm soup, and pumpkin lends its pie flavor profile to coffee drinks earlier and earlier each year. And late summer peaches can lend a sweet and sunny flavor profile to the autumnal snap of ginger beer in this peach vodka moscow mule.

Earlier this summer I made a peach upside down cake and put the scraps of several well-scrubbed peach peels in a jar and covered them with vodka for a week. Following that, I removed the peels and left the vodka in the fridge for a while, not wanting the spicy bite of ginger beer in the South Carolina summer heat.

Finally, I felt ready to put the two together in the classic copper moscow mule cup. It was still warm out but not too warm, and the idea of autumnal ginger seemed appealing. So here we are and it’s not too late for peaches in the South, or perhaps you’ve frozen some and want to put them to good use.

Peach Moscow Mule
1 oz peach vodka (homemade or store bought)
¼ oz lime juice
Enough ice to fill your cup
1 can of ginger beer (which is not the same as ginger ale)
½ of a peach, sliced
Mint garnish (if desired)

Fill the cup with ice.
Add lime juice, peach vodka, and peach slices to the cup.
Top off the drink with the ginger beer.
Garnish with mint and peach slices on the rim if you want to look extra fancy.
Drink and repeat!

Copper cups are the traditional container that moscow mules are served in, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking, every so often a set will pop up on the Goodwill shelves. Of course you’ll want to get them nice and shiny and there’s a great natural remedy for doing so. Happy Goodwill hunting!


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