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June 07, 2016

Cobbled Together Photography Corner

The part of blogging that I love to hate the most is photography. But these days, blogs just don’t exist without photography. Can you imagine reading about any of the creations on this site without a beautiful visual to go along with it?

I’ve struggled and yo-yo’ed for years with photography, confusing the ISO with the shutter speed with the f-stop. Sometimes I get in a groove and take my little old DSLR everywhere, but then one day I stop connecting the camera to the computer to dump out the day’s photos and that’s where it ends.

That’s until days like today where I decide I need to get back on the game so I can grow my food blog.

But it’s not easy to have the perfect spot that’s set up to always be ready to perfectly light my creations and make them look appetizing…or is it?FullSizeRender[6]

Part of photography is knowing your surroundings and keeping them constant is an easy way to get used to how the light, environment and everything that goes into making a photograph great works together. So I recently set up a little photography corner for indoor food shoots, because let’s face it, as the weather gets hotter and the bugs reappear, outdoor food photography can get gross real fast.

This is my little corner, cobbled together with all completely nontraditional photography pieces that I already had in my living room, except the reflector, which is clothespinned to the music stand.


That piece I bought specifically for photography purposes and it’s been extremely useful. This basic setup introduces a light source to the subject, a delicious dairy-free coconut ice cream that I have on my own blog. The reflector opposite of the light source bounces the light onto the other side of the subject that isn’t reached by the light. If I wanted to get fancier, I would use a piece of thin white fabric to diffuse the light, making for a softer photo. But, that’s for another day and time and anyways, it’s much better explained on another food blogging website.

Also, I am still working on my own photography here as you can tell, because this set up is still fairly new to me. Tweaking will occur and hopefully soon, the proof will be in the pudding…or ice cream in this case!


So whether you’re wanting to start your own food blog, or wanting to better capture your Goodwill finds, or do something else that requires a lovely lit set up, think about how you can use what you’ve already got to help you get there before resorting to buying a ton of expensive gear!

Even if you do have a bunch of fancy lights on stands and white umbrellas, you still have to learn the same principles of good photography.

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