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March 21, 2017

Coat Tales

“Well, just put on your coat and hat,

And walk yourself to the laundromat…”

– “Yakkety Yak”

The Coasters

Today, friends, I have for you a tale of three individuals, bound not only by friendship, but by a tweed Pendleton coat that was purchased for the ridiculously low price of $15.00 at Goodwill. I will now guide you through the journey of the fabulous grey coat…

The hero of our story was first purchased by my good friend, Cathy Carter Scott, who simply found herself in need of a coat on very short notice, and grabbed one off the rack at “G-Willy’s”. It fit her nicely in a fun, oversized, way, but wasn’t really in line with her usual tailored look.



Recently, after a rehearsal for Guys and Dolls (shameless plug: we run 17 March- 2 April at Village Square Theatre), I commented to Cathy how much I admired her coat. Her immediate response:

“You want it?”

As it turns out, the coat was too small for her boyfriend, and too large for her brother. I, however, fell within the Goldilocks range, much to the consternation of another friend and castmate, Clayton King, who was secretly hoping it wouldn’t fit me, so he could claim it. The vulture!

Happily, I wore my new coat a few weeks later to emcee a cat video festival. (I lead an interesting life).


After the performance, my lovely bride and I stepped out into what had become a chillier-than-anticipated evening. Of course, I offered her my coat, and was taken aback at how much she looked like Eponine in Les Mis; (minus the malnutrition and dirt).


…and where will the traveling Pendleton go next? I plan to keep it in my wardrobe for some time, but eventually, it will find its way to another owner. Until then, I will enjoy temporary stewardship of a truly spiffy coat. 😉