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November 25, 2013

Christmas Time!

Later this week, it’s officially proper to put up our Christmas decor, which, in my book, means it’s Christmas time. So, hold on to your horses, because I am WAY excited about Christmas this year and I have several fun crafts up my sleeve.

I want to share a round-up with you of a few crafts and decor from the past few years and then, later today, I plan on being back with another project. What? Two in one day? Yes. Because it’s Christmas and things get crazy like that.

The majority of my decorations are diy projects and, if you’ve been following the blog a while, I’m sure you’ll recognize a few–a red wreath made with hand-me-down vintage fabric, my glitter deer silhouette, my coffee filter wreath, a wreath over our book page bunting, and a print that I did using the engineer print art tutorial. Homemade Christmas decorations are a “handmade holiday” at its finest. I think they give your space a warm, homey feeling.

I made these diy zinc letters as a gift, last year.

We also made these book page lamp shades as part of last year’s “handmade holiday”.

I made this Pinterest-inspired vase from a gold vase that I picked up at Goodwill.

And, I still really like this simple bird art that was re-purposed from art purchased at Goodwill.

Have fun looking over these projects and decorating your house for Christmas!

Enjoying the Good Life,


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