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December 06, 2018

Christmas AND Winter Décor from Thrifted Baskets

One thing I absolutely LOVE to upcycle are baskets from Goodwill – there are just so many options at every Goodwill I go to, and the upcycling ideas for them are endless. And when I spotted this set of nesting tree baskets, I knew they were meant to come home with me for the holidays.

Because they were in the shape of traditional Christmas trees, I thought they’d be fun to upcycle as Christmas tree décor on my dining room table. I tested out my theory by first spray painting one green, which was an easy way to give it a fresh new look.

Then, I used my tiniest Christmas ornaments (vintage, of course, and probably thrifted) to decorate my now-green basket tree.

I ended up spray painting two of the three- one in green and one in white. I liked making them different colors so that they’d show off my various ornaments differently.

BUT­ – I must confess, I had ulterior motives.

Because AFTER the holidays during the most difficult décor time of year (i.e., January and February), I can use them as forest-y trees that will be perfect as winter décor. One green, one white, and one natural – a wonderfully wintery trio!

How great is that? Talk about getting a lot of mileage from a simple makeover on a thrift store find!

Happy Holidays and Craft on!