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May 15, 2017

Choosing the Right Spray Paint for the Job

Walking down the spray paint aisle at a big box store like Lowe’s or Home Depot can be overwhelming when faced with the wall of choices, and that’s not even taking the colors into consideration. As science gets better, it is able to affect more areas of our lives in positive ways, like making more specifically designed spray paints to adhere to the particular surfaces we are looking to re-cover. I didn’t even know I wanted such technical spray paints but I do.


The last time I was in this aisle, I was looking for something to cover my hammock stand, which I inherited from a former roommate. The stand had gotten rust covered in large areas and wasn’t looking so hot anymore. Plus, the rust was deteriorating the integrity of the frame and I didn’t want to end up falling from the hammock due to the whole frame collapsing on me. So I found a special rust primer spray by Rust-Oleum, which claims that it will seal in old rust and prevent new rust from forming — perfect.


Since the rust covering spray was actually rust colored, I also looked around for a more pleasing color to coat on top, but again, not just any paint would do. There were outdoor-tough specific paints in a smaller variety of colors, but still a serviceable amount. Since I was going the semi-lazy route and not perfectly sanding down my hammock stand before painting it, a darker color with some metallic sheen seemed like a good option for hiding a few lumps and bumps. I chose Rust-Oleum’s oil rubbed bronze, a shiny dark brown-black.

But back to the spray paint aisle — the options don’t end at rust-covering and outdoors tough. There are paints made for plastic, which are perfect for those weather-beaten plastic ariondack chairs and giving them new life. There are tractor and lawnmower paints, only in four primary colors though, for making your old wheelbarrow not look like it’s been sitting in the corner of the yard, uncovered, for years.

Recently I also spraypainted a terra cotta pot that came with a cute pink flamingo plant stand. The terra cotta was making the pink flamingo look a little blah, so I pinked it up with some hot pink spray paint… and a hot pink cactus!


With a little time to stand in the aisle and find the exact paint for the exact job, it’s easier than ever to make anything you want, especially outdoor items, look and feel new again instead of sending them to the landfill. All it takes is a little browsing in the spray paint aisle to find the right can.

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