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November 05, 2015

Channeling Martha: Vintage Finds for Entertaining with Style

Martha Stewart rocks, for a lot of reasons. She started an empire. She made great stuff for K-Mart, some of which I still own. She took that prison sentence like a champ, coming out with great skin and a fab poncho made by a fellow inmate. She isn’t afraid to be the boss. And she made it a lot less expensive to be stylish.

Her shabby chic, vintage aesthetic is something regular people can do. Sure, the things she features are wildly expensive (except that stuff she made for K-Mart, man, was that ever some good stuff). But the average person with a modicum of style can copy what she does with a few sheets of burlap and some vintage Goodwill finds.

Have you ever been to Motor Supply in Columbia? Barman Josh Streetman is more than a mixologist, he’s an artist. His cocktails, mixed perfectly, taste even better when served in vintage glassware.


If you’re anything like me, you love Drip Coffee in Five Points. You know what makes the coffee taste so great? Well, probably the whole drip process, and the beans and all that, but the Fiestaware and mismatched vintage teaspoons don’t hurt.


In my thrifty adventures, I’ve found all sorts of great gear for entertaining, usually for less than $3. Do you want a faux bois electric warming tray for appetizers? I sure did. Who wouldn’t?


Vintage tea towels are another great find, perfect for adding color to any table scape. (The tea towel below actually belonged to my mother, but I’ve seen similar at Goodwill.) Do know that your vintage kitchen goods might make you want to go vintage in the recipe department, too. Pineapple cheese casserole, anyone? It’s almost Thanksgiving!


Feel like having potato chips and wine for supper? I feel you. Keep it classy — just like Martha would — by serving your chips in a pretty cut glass bowl. You can find stacks of these at Goodwill.


My favorite section to shop at Goodwill is the cookbook section. Sometimes, I’ll find great vintage cookbooks with kitschy titles. Other times, I’ll find a cookbook with great recipes. Occasionally, a book is both. I don’t know Ceil Dyer, but her book is brilliant. I work all day, and I cook


You know what I love as much as a great vintage kitchen find? A classic cocktail. My favorite at the moment is the Clover Club. And Josh at Motor makes a brilliant one.


What’s your favorite Goodwill find for entertaining? (Yes, entertaining yourself with wine and potato chips counts.)