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December 19, 2011

DIY Cake Plate

I was in Goodwill and I saw this little wooden piece in a basket with other “knick knacks”. I’m not positive what it is–maybe it was part of something? It’s carved out a bit at the top, so perhaps it was for a candle. Regardless, it was marked $1.50 and my first thought was, “cake plate!”.

Usually, I am a spray painter. I can totally see this base painted black, a bright color, or even silver. But, I like the look of wood and white together, so I decided to skip the paint (I know! I’m full of surprises.).

If you want the cake plate to be permanent, I would hot glue it to your base. Personally, I like the idea of changing it up. Someday, I may want to paint the base and change the plate. I need that option. I decided to top it with a little fruit. By the way, don’t you love getting fruit at Christmas? We have already had apple chicken salad and I foresee a fruit medley in the very near future! Yum!

I’ve seen other people make similar cake plates, so I knew this base would be perfect when I saw it. You could use a candle holder or anything with a wide top and base. Not every project is time consuming–sometimes, you just need to think outside of the box!

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