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February 20, 2012

DIY: Recovering a Bulletin Board

I picked up a bulletin board at Goodwill for two dollars and some change. I’ve thought about recovering one for the blog, so…score!

I laid down about 1/4 yard of fabric (from a 50% off bin…cuz that’s how I roll) face down and layered it with some batting and the bulletin board (also face down)–don’t be confused, there is cork on both sides of my board.

I trimmed the fabric and batting down a bit and started tacking it all the way around.

On the front, I criss-crossed some ribbon and hammered it in place with furniture tacks. Why a hammer, you ask? Apparently, the ribbon was pretty hard to get through. Who knew?

Attach the excess ribbon on the back with a stapler. If you try to tack it, you may want to lose your mind. I started off using tacks, but the ends were poking through the front. I used wire cutters to cut down the length of the tacks, but then they wouldn’t hold. So, trust me, just grab the stapler. : )

Worth it in the end, right? It really didn’t take too long. Honestly, the longest part was figuring out how to tack the excess ribbon on the back. I would say that this is a 30 minute project–something you can do during nap time or while you watch The Golden Girls.

I hope you are having a happy Monday!

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