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July 05, 2017

Brilliant Ways to Put Your Plants on Display

Plants are starting to take over my life and I love it. I have always taken care of plants but the number (that I own) has grown tremendously. Caring for and being surrounded by plants gives me happy vibes.

It is so satisfying to watching something you nurture and care for (just like children) continue to grow. Which is why I refer to them as my babies when asked if I’m going to have another child. I did have more children – about 30+! With so many plants, I have started to think of creative ways to display them.

Before I make a trip to Goodwill, I like to see if a friend or family member may have the item I am looking for and if they’re willing to part with it.

A friend of mine is getting ready to move, so she’s been doing a lot of downsizing, which is the perfect time to ask about unwanted items.  I decided to send a text asking if she has any curtain rods she no longer needed. Usually, my texts start with me saying “Random Question: do you have any (enter random item).”

More often than not I receive a “yes”, which is great because that saves me money on having to buy something as well as keeping things out of the landfill (yeah for sustainability).

While getting my “new” curtain rods (one set still its original package – yay), my friend started asking if I needed anything else. I noticed a metal shelving item that I knew would it be perfect for displaying my ever growing plant collection. She told me it was used in her laundry room for hanging clothes and storage. It was about to be given a new life (and purpose).

I wasn’t crazy about the color, but nothing a can of spray paint can’t easily fix. I already had silver spray paint on hand, which was perfect because I wanted to give the shelf a more industrial look.

Now it beautifully displays some of my collection!

Plants shown (L-R): Succulent, Blue Chalk Sticks Succulent, Pothos clippings, and Elephat Ears. Wicker baskets from Goodwill.

Another problem I have faced is finding cute planters. Next time you’re in Goodwill, be sure to look for baskets of all shapes and sizes to reuse as planters.

Any plant lovers out there? What have you used to get creative with your display?

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