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October 26, 2011

Brass to Class

Do you ever forget to put your memory card in your camera? That happens to me all. the. time. I take pictures on a regular basis, so you would think I would remember–but, I don’t. I should probably start taking vitamins or something. All that to say this–I took a “before” picture of an out-dated brass lamp, only to realize that I forgot my memory card. The problem is, I didn’t realize my mistake until after I primed it. Such is life. But, we can imagine what it would look like as old brass, right? It wasn’t gorgeous, but it had a nice shape, so I bought it.

Also, the top of the lamp harp was missing (the part you screw the finial on to). But, my lampshade attaches at the base of the light bulb, so I just removed the broken harp. Let me back up a second and show you what I mean.

I painted it the happiest aqua in the world. I think it looks 10x better than it did. I love a lamp makeover.

Also, what is up with the mini tray at the top of the lamp? The gaudy side of me wants to drop jewelery in it and hang pearls off of it. But, I’m pretty sure that would be a faux pas and that I should just leave it be. Maybe.

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