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November 25, 2011

Belt it Out

Belts at Goodwill are less than $3.00. Such a small, inexpensive accessory can really transform an outfit. I picked up a couple the other day (not the first time) and I thought it would be fun to look at a few “before and after” outfits, using a belt.

This is a loose, silk dress that I had hanging in my closet. I love how loose it is, but I feel like it can make me look un-polished. A belt defines the waist and also breaks up the solid brown. Throw a cardi over it and wear it to a Christmas party.

The purple, ruffled top is from Goodwill (Thanks, Mom!) and the blazer is from my closet. Without the belt it seems a little frumpy. Who wants to look frumpy around the office? Again, the belt adds definition and class.

I generally forget about wearing this top because I feel like it just “hangs”. The belt makes all the difference. Also, how cute is that belt?

Can I quote the ever-stylish LC again?

“There is generally no better ally for a girl than a great belt, since the waist is invariably always good to highlight– nothing accomplishes this more effectively than a waist-cinching wrap. And in this age of the voluminous top, it’s the best means for tackling all that extra fabric, too, which generally drowns a lot of girls’ figures.”
-Lauren Conrad

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