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August 10, 2011

Becoming a Savvy Shopper

Did anyone else see The Nate Berkus Show last Thursday? His featured guests were the Krazy Coupon Ladies and they did a segment on saving money at the grocery store. I had already planned on going to the store that day and, as I left (without using any coupons), I thought, “Nate Berkus would be ashamed”. Haha. No, probably not. It’s nothing to get high strung over, but it did make me think about living economically. I used to coupon on a regular basis and I would generally save around 25%. Savvy coupon shoppers save even more, but when you think about it, 25% is still a lot of bacon…dough…moolah. That is money that I could be spending elsewhere–or saving.

Nate is giving you the sexy look, like, “Hey, coupons are cool. Don’t you want to be cool, like me?” Seriously, their tips are great and I would definitely advise you to read over their segment. It has encouraged me to re-think the way I grocery shop.

Here are a few coupon sites that may help you get started:

Do you have any great “couponing” tips or successes? Please share!

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