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August 08, 2018

Be Cool This Summer – Wear Pink!

Pink has certainly made the rounds throughout the fashion world, cycling in and out of style for decades, and for some pink is more of a signature color than a staple, but the fight is on to change that.


Pink is often thought of as a feminine color or reserved for baby girls, but if you recall just a few years ago Prince George made front pages around the world for wearing a pair of pink overalls.  He was establishing his sartorial status early by nailing two trends at once.

If pink isn’t your first choice of colors, I hope these inspiration looks will change your mind.  Take a look and a chance on pink.


  1. Find your shade. Pink is like every other color with a multitude of shades and tones.  The key to feeling comfortable with it is to find a shade that works best for you.  Obviously lighter shades are more subtle and understated while bolder, saturated options stand out in a crowd.


Ladies, if you want the ‘it’ color look for shades of blush.  When used as a neutral it perks up every other color and instantly takes your look from ordinary to extraordinary.  Guys one of the hottest summer shades for us is hot pink.  From blazers to pants, shorts and everything in between hot pink punctuated the runways and truly made a statement.


  1. Embrace your feminine side. Social convention has made pink most commonly associated with baby girls and all things frilly and cute, but that’s ok.  There is nothing wrong with softening up your look, especially in this heat.


This means you too guys.  Women love a man who is comfortable, confident and secure with both his masculinity and style.

  1. Stick with what works for you. Another easy way to integrate pink into your wardrobe is to find it in styles and pieces you already wear.  If you rarely wear dresses, don’t buy a pink dress thinking you’ll get your money’s worth out of it because you won’t.


  1. Play it safe. If you’re still reluctant to wear pink, but want to keep your style current and relevant you can always integrate the color with accessories and makeup.  Whether it’s nail polish, lipstick, a tie or scarf these easy and safe ways to incorporate a hint of pink to your look will keep you on trend.


This summer, don’t just think pink…wear it!


I am always curious to hear some of your weekend wardrobe dilemmas and challenges.  Please send your comments and questions to

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