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April 05, 2017

Battling Zero at the Thrift Store? DIY It!

I will fully admit that I spend a lot of time at Goodwill thrift stores. As a DIY blogger, I’m always on the hunt for new project inspiration and pieces. But, even for a frequent thrifter like myself, there are certain items that remain elusive and, well, un-findable.

Case in point? I had my heart set on finding a metal basket to create some farmhouse-style Easter décor. Metal (or wire) baskets are SO trendy right now, and I was positive one would cross my thrifting path if I looked hard enough- but, alas…I remained empty handed. And with Easter looming around the corner, I had to take things into my own DIY hands. So, I headed to a reliable corner of the store- the basket section. 1_DIY_metal_basket_from_Goodwill.jpg

I recently discovered some amazing “weathered steel” spray paint from a previous project on my blog that turned out AMAZING! So, why not give it a try on a regular fiber basket? Would it transform into a metal basket before my eyes?


Yes!! The picture, I’ll admit, doesn’t do it justice- there are nuances in the finish, like old galvanized steel. Maybe not exactly what I had envisioned for so long, but it’s close enough for this DIYer!


To finish off my “Farmhouse Easter” look, I filled my “metal” basket with crumpled up newspaper and topped it with natural wood shavings.


And on top of that, a handful of faux chicken eggs, as if I had just collected them from the farm.


This is such an incredibly easy “hack” that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. So, when the thrifting Holy Grail eludes you, a little DIY can really save the day.

Craft on!



  1. spray painting baskets are the best. they now match any decor in your home and come in so handy to store items keeping you organized too.

  2. That looks nice, but it does not look like metal, I’m afraid.