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August 03, 2011

This Little Light of Mine…

…looks like it came from a hotel with 90’s décor. Scary, for sure. But, remember when we talked about potentiality? I knew this lamp had definite potential—it’s all in your perspective.

First thing? So long shade, add a little primer. It’s not me, it’s totally you. 

A fresh coat of paint and a new shade made all the difference.

Every time I go in Goodwill, I see a lamp that could easily be fixed up. I absolutely love lamps and most of mine are vintage. Sometimes, old lamps are perfect as they are. Sometimes, they may need a new paint job, shade, or rewiring (which is very inexpensive). If you’re looking for a new lamp or two (or ten), you should check Goodwill, first.I scored this beauty for less than $10.00 and I love it more than any lamp I would have found elsewhere (for over five times the price).

Have you found any fun lamps at Goodwill, lately? Do share.

Enjoying the Good Life,