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June 30, 2014

Apartment Style

Two years ago when I moved out of my parent’s house and to a new city; I was basically your average broke post-college graduate. So, what better way to furnish and decorate my apartment than with Goodwill finds? I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you.


This chair was a steal in my opinion. It’s perfect for curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book. It was in perfect condition and I was the lucky person who found it.


With a little creative help from my mother and her endless crafting supplies, I turned a box of glass jars into an eclectic set of votives. A little hot glue, yarn, and scrapbook paper goes a long way.


Lastly and perhaps the most random, is the decoration I made to go above my bed headboard. The middle object is a home-made, wine cork plate that I found at Goodwill. The pretty pictures surrounding it are the wallpaper samples I ordered from Anthropologie because I learned that trick from the fabulous Kendra herself ;). Honestly I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing as I was putting this whole piece together, but I like the end result.


Courtney is a SC girl with an eye for fashion and a knack for thrift. Thanks for sharing, Courtney!