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September 16, 2014

Anthro Knock-off Library Letter

I was in Anthropologie a few weeks ago and saw these letters. Excuse me? Yes, please. But, $20 a book? No, thank you. Not when I can get a Reader’s Digest at Goodwill for $1.


I found two that I liked–a purple and a green. I like those shades together. I’m particularly liking green and lavender together lately, but purple works, too. I traced an “H” and an “I” to make a fun little message.



Then, I asked my Mr. to cut it out for me with a jigsaw because he’s super nice and does things like that for me. But, here’s the thing–easier said than done. The first attempt was a little rough and we decided with a little trial and error, it would be much better. Life, people. But, hey–I think it still takes the cake over spending $20. It’s fun to see something you like in a store and realize, “Hey! I can do that!”.



Enjoying the Good Life,




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