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May 25, 2018

An Ode to Older Appliances

They don’t make things like they used to is a term that people are really starting to realize the truth in with cars that get crumpled like an accordion with one rear-ending or dishwashers that crap out after five years. The same adage applies to the smaller appliances too. I’ve been through at least two food processors in the past 10 years, newer versions. The first was a cheaper one from Wal-mart, the second an upgraded nicer one from a brand like Cuisinart. Both of them ended up destroyed, victims of my fervent desire for creamy, extremely blended up hummus that rivaled store bought in its velvety texture.


My dad offered me his old one that he probably never used. When he said old, I wasn’t sure how old until be brought me this brown and tan monstrosity. I was dubious about its ability to even turn on, much less put up with my high processing needs. To be honest, I stuck it in the cabinet and relied on the regular blender and immersion blender for a while. But one day I needed a food processor specifically for some kind of dough. A blender wouldn’t cut it and an immersion blender would definitely not be the right tool for the job, so I dusted off the ole food processor and hoped it wouldn’t start seeping out wisps of smoke, or worse.

It performed beautifully though, and ever since, I’ve been using it with no issues! I recently wanted to make preserved lemon and mint hummus using this recipe, but again, wanted that velvety texture. I threw all of the ingredients in and blended until a smooth paste formed. Upon opening the lid, it was still a bit chunky. I pressed ON again and let it run for five minutes, constantly whirring and churning the chickpea mixture into a much more acceptable level of smoothness. By the time I scraped it out into a waiting plastic container, this hummus was light as air, whipped into a creamy consistency that’s flavor was truly enhanced by the saltiness of the preserved lemon and the brightness of the mint that was by then well-blended into the folds of hummus.

After that chore, the food processor wasn’t even hot to the touch like most newer versions get when pushed to the max. When you see an older appliance hanging out in the Goodwill aisles, don’t discredit it’s disco color scheme, as it might be exactly what you’re looking for — not having to buy another food processor for years and years to come.

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