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November 29, 2018

Adding a Yoga Corner

It seems like everyone is decluttering these days, paring down, making room, living with less. And that’s all well and good, I’m doing it too and loving it — but with less stuff comes more space. All of a sudden there isn’t a need for three bookshelves and just like that, there’s an empty corner in the living room. In some instances, it looks nice having an airier area, but in other instances it looks quite bare. So instead of filling that one corner with more things again, I wanted to fill the space with a purpose.

Specifically, a yoga corner where my mat would have room to spread out, where a book of matches to light the scented candles would be in reach, air purifying plants would give the space some life, and even where a small bubbling fountain would reside, bringing in those true yoga retreat vibes that soothed all of the senses.

So, what all goes into a yoga corner? It really depends what vibe you are seeking and what senses you most want to activate but the fundamental items in a yoga corner are of course, the yoga mat and any yoga props like straps or blocks, that you use for your own practice. The colors and patterns in your yoga mat will set the tone for the color choices in the rest of the space, so pick something that truly speaks to you and makes you feel the way you want to feel when practicing yoga whether that feeling is relaxed or invigorated.

Light is another important aspect. Yogis need light to see what they are doing next and if their bodies are in alignment but also need darkness (or dimness) to wind down from a yoga session. So, consider lamps with dimmers, multiple smaller lamps so that only one can be left on during savasana, or candles that can gently light the area and be blown out as needed. But do be careful with the candles so that a crazy dog pose doesn’t send them flying into the highly flammable fabric wall coverings.

Wall coverings are optional, but many people like to have a mandala patterned hanging on the wall to serve as a drishti — or point of focus — during balance posts. Small lamps, plants, Buddha statues, floor cushions, small plug-in water features, and even a gong to signal the end of practice are all great additions that’ll make your yoga corner feel like yours and enhance your practice. And, of course many of these items are best found at Goodwill for prices that will let you keep feeling zen.

Lastly, the scent is important. If your mind is wandering to the fact that the floor smells like dog or that there’s trash that needs to be taken out it can take your mind off of your yoga time. Scented candles, essential oil diffusers, and incense in calming aromas like ylang ylang, jasmine, or lemongrass can invigorate and center your mind for a better yoga session and overall nicer smelling home.

So, take the time to reward your decluttering efforts and bring a little back into your home to make it work for you and your relaxation, and you might find yourself in downward dog a bit more frequently than before.


One Comment

  1. Love this post, thank you! I am going to start considering where I can create my own “corner” for yoga and meditation.