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December 06, 2016

Actually Awesome Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Do you hear those sleigh bells jingling? Are the ugly Christmas sweater party invites rolling your way, you party animal, you?

Once long ago, ugly Christmas sweaters were just called sweaters and then they became horribly unfashionable. As all good fashions do, these festive atrocities became ironically cool again.

With the parties being so popular, it’s hard to want to wear the same sweater twice, and come late November it’s harder to find them on the racks. Many stores, both regular and thrift, have special displays so people can find their ugliest adornments. But then, of course, there’s the off-the-beaten path way, the way that can be amusing, humorous, and probably win you an award or two for best sweater, even if there wasn’t even a contest to begin with.

After having a certain ugly sweater saved on Pinterest for far too many years, this is the year I decided to craft some ugly sweaters of our own! The first one was for my husband to reflect his disdain for anything holiday-related or celebratory. The sweater is actually a really nice gray Banana Republic sweater I snagged for $4, and since it is a rather nice piece of clothing, he asked that I make this sweater not permanently decorated.


The materials consist of a length of brown felt, a piece of tan felt, a permanent marker and various Christmas detritus to expel. I very slowly and carefully used the marker to draw the outline of the deer, antlers and tongue on the felt, then adhered it with double-sided tape.

Following the photo online as a guide, I also used the marker to draw the eye and add some shadowing. If this was going to be a permanent installation, a glue gun would have been used. The candy canes and bows also got the tape treatment, and while gathering supplies from the craft store I came across a light up bulb necklace that takes the festivity up a few notches.


And once the party is over… it’s back to normal!

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