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January 07, 2016

A Thrifty Jewelry Organizer for the New Year!

Quick poll: How many of you plan to make Organization a new year’s resolution?

I always plan on doing just that- whether I’m simplifying, tidying, or just putting my home in order- but before I know it, half the year is gone and I’ve made minimal strides. Here’s hoping 2016 proves to be different- and maybe this little upcycling project will help me get on the right track from the start! One thing I almost always find while shopping at Goodwill are wooden silverware/flatware trays. So when I spotted this one, I tossed it in my cart. 1_vintage_silverware_organizer_tray_at_thrift_store_Sadie_Seasongoods I decided that one of my first organization tasks would be to get my jewelry neatly displayed, and this tray would be perfect for that. In typical Sadie fashion, I gave it a couple of coats of paint- I choose a soothing jade green, which I already had on hand. 2_painted_vintage_silverware_organizer_tray_Made_in_Romania_from_thrift_store_Sadie_Seasongoods To add a little panache to my soon-to-be jewelry display, I stenciled on some sunbursts with shimmery gold paint- I just love that color combo! 3_stenciled_painted_vintage_silverware_organizer_tray_Made_in_Romania_Sadie_Seasongoods In order to hang necklaces- both short and long chains- I screwed in some gold cup hooks, which you can find at any hardware or home improvement store. I opted to insert them into the inside top and sides because the wood was thicker/sturdier than the interior dividers. 4_cup_hooks_for_vintage_silverware_organizer_tray_upcycled_into_jewelry_holder_DIY_Sadie_Seasongoods Last but not least, I needed to add a hanging mechanism! Because I had one in my garage, I used a D-ring hanger. But other hardware- such as a sawtooth hanger or hanging wire- would be just fine, too. 5_vintage_silverware_organizer_tray_upcycled_into_jewelry_holder_DIY_Sadie_Seasongoods And the big reveal- ready to hang and fill with some of my prettiest baubles! 6_vintage_silverware_organizer_tray_upcycled_into_jewelry_holder_DIY_Sadie_Seasongoods I loved that this particular tray had little cut-out handles, which I used to hang some of my clasp bracelets from. And I was able to set boxes, earrings, and brooches on the little shelves- no wasted space! 7_vintage_silverware_organizer_tray_upcycled_into_jewelry_holder_DIY_Sadie_Seasongoods Now I can’t wait to find more trays to create a jewelry-themed gallery wall- I’m thinking coral paint on the next one… Happy New Year and Craft on! Sadie