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March 25, 2016

A Thriftastic Easter Basket

With all the rain we’ve had lately and the accompanying winter doom and gloom, I was REALLY yearning for some fresh, Spring-y color in my life. And with Easter right around the corner, I decided to make myself a pretty Easter Basket!

True story: Every Goodwill store has a solid selection of baskets- usually in any size, shape, color, and design you can imagine. I was brainstorming Easter DIY ideas when I came across this open-weave fella on the shelf. 

1_Open_weave_basket_at_Goodwill_for_repurposing_by_Sadie_SeasongoodsI know, I know- it doesn’t look like a standard-issue Easter Basket! But it definitely had DIY possibility…and I knew exactly what I wanted to do to spruce it up.

First, I spray painted it white.


Then, I grabbed some Spring-y, Easter-y ribbon from my stash and the craft store.


Once the paint had dried, I simply wove my first ribbon in and out along the bottom set of openings in the basket weave. And when I had reached my starting point once again, I hot glued one tail to the basket and the other tail on top of that.


I loved it! So I continued on with my remaining ribbons and ended up with this.


Isn’t it so pretty? But wait, it’s even prettier on the inside- and you can hardly see the ribbon seams!


To finish it up, I simply filled my prettified basket with Easter grass and plastic eggs- also purchased from Goodwill. And now I have a darling Easter centerpiece that was insanely easy to make and cost me next to nothing.


I’m definitely hooked on this ribbon weaving thing now…pardon me while I hit the basket section again!

Craft on!