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March 15, 2013

A Spring Scarf

I love scarves. I even wear them in the summer and, considering our southern heat, that’s saying a lot. Ladies neckties are trending and I think they’re a great way to bring your scarf into the spring without the warmth.

I picked a a thin floral fabric. Someone was donating their fabrics to Goodwill and I got first dibs on a few before they took them to the store. I cut a strip about 4″ wide and a little longer than a typical scarf (so I can tie it).

Using sewing adhesive (That’s right! This is a no-sew project!) I folded the strip right sides together and ironed the strip at the edges.

Then, I just flipped it right side out and tied a knot in each end. Voila! A quick, easy accessory! And, a great way to add a punch of color to an outfit.

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