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October 04, 2016

A Spooky (and Thrifty) Halloween Collection

It’s October, which means one thing to me…HALLOWEEN! And for a repurposing blogger like me, the shelves at Goodwill offer a plethora of possibilities…because upcycling and Halloween go hand-in-hand.

This time around, I’ve created something SO simple that I promise anyone can do it. First, head over to your favorite secondhand shops and look for figurines- animals, people, etc. And don’t shy away from figurines that are chipped, cracked or broken- they’ll work perfectly for this.

Once you have your figurine collection in hand, give them a quick wash or wipe down (to remove dust, dirt, etc.) and grab a can of black spray paint from a hardware or home improvement store. I like to set up a spray paint station on my sawhorses so that I can more easily get underneath the figurines and make sure I’ve covered every nook and cranny.

I gave my figurines two coats of paint, and waited (impatiently) for them to dry completely.

Now comes the fun part!! To give them the creepiest, spookiest look, you need to add just a touch of dark red paint to their eyes. Instead of using a small brush, I used both ends (round and pointed tip) of a bamboo skewer to keep the eye shape intact.

And an instant Halloween collection is formed! I promised you this was super simple, didn’t I? Plus, it’s an awful lot of fun to hop from Goodwill to Goodwill in search of strange, unusual, or just plain unwanted figurines…and then giving them a brand new (super creepy) lease on life…er, undead, as the case may be.


Craft on! (And Happy Halloween!)