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February 13, 2016

A Picture Perfect DIY Valentine’s Day Frame

Head to any Goodwill and you’re almost guaranteed to see certain items every time you go. One of those items is picture frames. Today, I’m sharing a quick and easy DIY you can do for last minute Valentine’s Day Gifts.



  • Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Fabric
  • Glue Gun (Or you can use craft glue, such as Mod Podge)

1. Cut strips of fabric long and wide enough to fit around the frame.

2. Chose which side of the frame you want to start with (it doesn’t matter) and apply the glue to the front and attach the fabric. Add glue to the back and stretch the fabric so it is wrapped firmly. (Be sure not to wrap the fabric completely around the frame. Keep in mind you will have to reattach the backing.

3. Repeat Step 2!

4. Trim off any excess fabric.

At this point, you can leave the frame as-is; especially if you use a patterned fabric.

5. Take your paint and paintbrushes and decorate your fame however you like. I decided to do a little color blocking.


6. Add a picture or a sweet message!


Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Thrifting!

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