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February 24, 2014

A Fancy Jewelry Dish

I usually keep my go-to jewelry in a little vintage bowl on my nightstand. Nothing fancy, just something I picked up at a yard sale. I bought this glass dish at Goodwill (for about $1) and thought it could be a fun change.



IMG_4792It’s just a little more special than my previous bowl and it’s nice to have such a special dish to hold your everyday wear. For a dollar, I’d definitely call it a win. : )

Enjoying the Good Life,




  1. Fancy!! It would make me feel like a 40’s movie star. I love it.

  2. I keep something similar by my kitchen sink to put my rings in when doing dishes, and I also keep a bobby pin or two in there (you know, for when the dish washing gets really crazy). Mine is white and I got it at World Market for under two bucks, but I think it was supposed to hold soy sauce for dipping sushi. Haha.