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June 04, 2012

A Little Extra Breeze…

A few months ago, my husband built a pergola (because he’s awesome like that). Needless to say, we love it. It’s been a work in progress–first the pergola, then he laid pavers underneath it, then…the fan.

We were shopping in Goodwill (of course) and spotted a Hunter Outdoor Ceiling Fan. It looked brand new. The cost? $20. We snatched it up and, later, looked it up online.

Home Depot had it listed for $229 and we paid $20! I can hardly believe what a good find that was.

My husband installed it and it totally made the pergola! It puts out such a nice breeze and–bonus!– it has a light!

Thank you, Babe! You are the best! And, thank you, whoever donated this beauty to Goodwill!

Enjoying the Good Life,