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March 24, 2017

A Furniture Redo with a Twist

I don’t often haunt the furniture section of Goodwill. You can usually find me in the housewares or linens instead. But on this particular day, I strayed from the norm and roamed the furniture corner. And thank goodness I did, because I found this sad little footstool that needed my help.


Why did I like him so much, even though his woven top was crumbling in my fingers? Because for a small piece, he was HEFTY. All solid wood (except for the rope top) and sturdy- no wobbling! So, I knew he was a quality piece…and I had a hunch that I could rectify the top situation.

When I brought him home, I had to get rid of that crumbling top because it was a hot mess! But when all of it had been removed, I was left with an awesome little piece…that just needed some TLC.


After deciding to use it in our bedroom, a paint job was in order (creamy white chalk paint). But before we get to the makeover, notice that I took a sliver of wood off the top of each corner leg/post. You’ll see why in a minute!


Ok- the paint was dry and I was ready to give the stool a new top. What to use, what to use…why, a cutting board from my thrift store stash! It fit *almost* perfectly (just a little overhang on each side)- so I sanded it down to remove knife scars and discoloration. THIS is why I needed four flat surfaces on the footstool leg posts!


After the cutting board was smooth and clean, I gave it a rich stain to contrast against the off-white footstool base.


I allowed the stained cutting board to dry overnight and then buffed everything (board and stool) with clear wax to protect them and give them a buttery smooth feel.

Last step? Assembly! Now, since I’m just using it to hold stacks of magazines and such, I simply used wood glue to adhere the two pieces together. But if I wanted to use it as a footstool or perhaps a child’s step stool or seat, I would have drilled in screws to connect the two pieces. Doesn’t it look fantastic though?


And it looks delightful in our room- like it was part of the original set! No one will ever know the difference…

Craft on!