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September 18, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things

I’ve been repinning and loving all the great ideas floating around the internet. Are you following on Pinterest? If not, than you’re missing out on a fun time!

1. These are fantastic tips for thrifting and decorating on a budget!

Thrift Store Tips

2. How great is this shirt? I’m thinking a men’s shirt from Goodwill and a bleach pen with a circular stamp or stencil.


3. It would be so fun to make this necklace!


4. Sort of wishing I didn’t pass up the dishes I saw at Goodwill. This diy is so creative.


5. Y’all, I made this scarf. It takes less than an hour. I know, right? It’s called arm knitting. I had to watch a couple videos before I got it down, but once I understood it, it was SO easy. This video was the most helpful.



Enjoying the Good Life,