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November 22, 2016

A DIY Door Draft Stopper

Cold temperatures have arrived in the Midlands and Upstate South Carolina, which means it’s time to break out the flannel shirts!! But when I say that, I mean for wearing AND for crafting. Flannel/plaid around the house is trendy again this autumn/winter, which means I needed to head over to Goodwill and shop the men’s section for project materials.


I decided I wanted to make a “draft stopper”, you know, one of those snake-like things to lay against the bottom of your front door to keep cold air out. And I wanted it to look cozy, so flannel was a perfect choice. I ended up with three shirts from Goodwill (for a patchwork-look) and cut out three equally-sized squares from each one (measurements will vary depending on your door size).


Once my three squares were cut, I stitched them together on my sewing machine and ironed the whole thing, pressing the seams flat. For aesthetic reasons, I decided to add a couple of strips of faux leather (from the fabric store) to cover the seams- more on that later.


For added insurance, I placed my flannel on a piece of scrap fabric (in my case, leftover bed sheet fabric from Goodwill that I used on a previous project), and cut the sheet to the same size as my length of flannel.


I folded everything over lengthwise (flannel sides together) and pinned one short edge and the long edge together. I sewed the two sides together on my machine, removed the pins, and turned it right-side-out so that I had a long, empty tube. Now I just needed to fill the tube with rice (or dried beans, etc.) to finish off my drafter stopper!


After filling it with plain rice, I double-stitched the open end closed. And remember those “pleather” strips I had cut out? I simply hot-glued them around the seams- nothing fancy whatsoever. And now I have a draft stopper for our front door that complements our “winter cabin” décor this holiday season!


The best part is, you can make this project in any “look” you want- between the linens section and clothing sections, Goodwill has you (and your door) covered!

Craft on!


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